Dur Al Shifaa Logistics Services

• The logistics sector at Dor Al-Shifa Medical Corporation works to advance the growth of the freight and supply sector, by providing the best logistical solutions, warehousing and transportation services, which in turn ensure flexibility, efficiency and speed of response to the demands of customers and suppliers, which serves a large segment of patients in various hospitals in the Kingdom.

• Our goal is to satisfy the customer with the highest quality and efficiency, and as soon as possible.

Logistics sector is divided into:

Stores Management:

The warehouse management includes more than 3 warehouses distributed in the regions of the Kingdom with a capacity of more than 5000 storage sites, which makes the storage and handling process more flexible and equipped to receive the goods and storage materials for customers and serve all parts of the Kingdom as quickly as possible and meet urgent and emergency requests.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

Dur Al-Shifa Medical Corporation has a strong system for occupational safety & health and care, which focus on the creation of an effective system to monitor accidents by establishing a database to analyze and reduce them based on ideal strategy that carries periodical preventive systems to educate workers by means of personal protection tools, training and awareness programs to increase the sense of Safety and environment for employees.

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